Sebastian Weiß

Software Engineer

Do you want an individual Web Application?

So you have a business or a leading position at a corporate corporation. But how can your customers and users interact with your company online? An individual web application will liven all your and your users' digital experience.

Since 2018 I have been professionally building web applications.

Hey, I am Sebastian Weiß.

Software Engineer for the Web and TV

It all started in the seventh grade in secondary school. That year we were allowed to use a graphic calculator in math class. Which I found fascinating back in a time when smartphones weren't a thing yet. This calculator had the option to write programs. When I first looked at it, I found it really strange. It had just text input, and it only had the standard calculator keys to program. So I studied the manual and found a way through it. Some day we were taught the quadratic formula. So I soonish figured out how to automate the calculation. It even outputted the calculation steps in between so I could finish my homework earlier...

When I was 17, I started a three-year apprenticeship at Deutsche Telekom and learned everything about computers and computer networks.

That was the time when I first looked into how to build websites. I started my first webpage for the local fire department in 2007.

After my time at Deutsche Telekom, I wanted to deepen my computer knowledge. I went back to university to study business informatics.

2018 I started working for Capgemini. Europe's largest IT Consulting Company with a strong focus on delivering software.

Here I strengthen my Software Engineering skills with a focus on Frontend Software Engineering.

As a part of various scrum teams, I developed Web Portals for Banks so users could self-service their finance and leasing contracts. I had the technical ownership to bring a design system in the public sector forward. Now I am developing an open data portal.

As a side hustle, I started a side project called ROBBY, a live football ticker for your Samsung TV and Fire TV Stick.

When I am not programming, I like to explore the flourishing food scene of Berlin.